A Response to the Tragedies of Last Week

A Message from Rev. Stephen Love, District Superintendent of the Greenwood District:

We have been faced with the reality of the power of evil in our world demonstrated in a cruel and violent way this past week.  We especially keep in our prayers all of the families grieving in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas as we also grieve.

In times like these we must remember that we have the reality of our faith in Jesus Christ who suffered and died for all of us. I want to encourage all of you, as leaders of our congregations, and laity to band together in prayer and in love for God and one another. Now is our time to witness to the power of God in love, as we pray for the families who are in pain as they grieve the loss of loved ones in such a violent manner. I pray for their comfort during their grief and for healing that only God can provide. I pray for each of you as well,  as we seek God for ways to address concerns in our local community that will help us build stronger relationships with God and each other. We have work to do. Although we may not know how to move forward we know our first steps begins with surrender to God who will guide and instruct us. I also encourage you to be active participants in your communities where there are opportunities for grief and healing worship and prayer services.

I pray that God will give you peace that together we may also be the peacemakers in our communities.

Holston letterOn July 9, 2016, Bishop Jonathan Holston, resident bishop of the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church issued a statement on the recent tragedies.

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July Issue of the Greenwood District Newsletter is now Available

July newsletter coverClick  on the image at the left to read online or to download this month’s newsletter.

Topics of interest include:

  • Invitation to the Installation Worship Service for Rev. Dr. Stephen Love, new District Superintendent for the Greenwood District
  • Bishop’s School of Ministry
  • 2016 District Set-up Meeting
  • District Ministry Team
  • Quest: Pursuing God’s Call

Giving Tuesday, May 3 – An Opportunity to Help Killingsworth Home

killingsworthA message from Rev. Diane Moseley, Executive Director, Killingsworth Home:

Good afternoon friends and supporters of Killingsworth —

I’m writing today to ask a special favor from you.  It’s about a $10,000 possibility for the women of Killingsworth!!

Perhaps you have heard of the annual “local giving day” that is now being celebrated all over the country each year on the first Tuesday of May…..local communities are organizing 24-hours of philanthropy to support local nonprofit organizations.

Someone observed that people who are online constantly — shopping and texting and sending pictures — should be invited to become philanthropists online as well.  Check out this web site which will answer most all the questions you may have about it.     midlandsgives.org

In our area the Central Carolina Community Foundation is hosting the event and calling it Midlands Gives! It has other names in other communities.  They all have the goal of raising funds for local charities in 24 hours AND DOING IT ALL ONLINE.  Since we receive referrals from all over South Carolina we are asking people all over South Carolina to hop online and make a stretch donation to support the women of Killingsworth.

I am bold to ask because we have been given a $10,000 challenge match  and we have raised only a little more than half that in the past.  If we meet or exceed our goal of raising $10,000 in 24 hours, we will have $20,000 to support the women of Killingsworth.   So — double your pleasure in giving! Pretty good loaves and fishes! We can push $20 or more a long way!

So that’s what it is — and what I am writing about is to ask you to share this information with the folks at your church, in your Sunday School class, any group you may be a part of, and in your circle of friends.  Ask them to consider a gift for Killingsworth to be given online sometime between 00:01 AM and 11:59 PM on May 3   (next Tuesday). If someone is supportive but declines because they cannot “do computers”, then it seems like the missional thing to do would be to find a child or grandchild who eats/sleeps/breathes computer to help get it done.

The donation has to be made on the Midlands Gives web site to be counted toward the challenge. You can get to the right page at this link: Click here: Midlands Gives. The leaderboard at Midlands Gives will keep a running record of donations beginning thirty seconds after midnight on May 3.

Thank you for the generosity and support you have shown us in the past, and I hope you will consider helping with this possibility as well.

web site:   killingsworth.org

on Facebook as Killingsworth Home

Bishop’s BBQ Bash

Bishop HolstonREMINDER: Bishop’s BBQ Bash is set for January 9
St. Paul UMC, Saluda SC

Reservations are due in the District Office by January 4, 2016.  Cost is $10 per person. We are taking reservations by church. Please send your checks made payable to the Greenwood District for the number of people who will be attending from your church. (Ex: 6 people attending would mean a check for $60.)

Click here to read the informational flyer that was sent to all pastors earlier announcing this Conference/District Event.