2020 General Conference Information from District Connectional Ministries

The District Connectional Ministries wants to share information about the 2020 General Conference. To that end a series of email blasts are created which will share resources. These resources will include links to online resources. It is our hope that pastors and church leaders will use this information to inform your congregations; to let people know what happens and what is going on at this year’s General Conference.

  • The first blast will be conventional information about what General Conference is about. There is a video that explains General Conference.
  • The second blast will give an overview of the 2020 General Conference. The agenda for this year’s conference.
  • The third blast will give information about the potential split of the United Methodist denomination. Several different proposals are on the table and will be considered.

This site collates all the major plans in one section along with the coverage given to each by UM News.


Advance Advocate contains all of the proposed legislation for the 2020 General Conference. It is the official printed document for the General Conference. Delegates from each Annual Conference receive this information ahead of time via mail and are expected to read and familiarize themselves with it all. Every bit of proposed legislation (petitions) must be dealt with as the General Conference.


Proposed Plans https://www.resourceumc.org/en/content/gc2020-proposed-plans

Summary breakdown of General Conference:

This is an article that gives a summary of a pre-General Conference briefing. It covers the separation plans and protocol plan. The following are covered: sustaining clergy pensions, proposed changes to bishops, revised social principles (no mention of homosexuality), and need for prayer.


New Retirement Proposal:


New Social Principles Proposal:


WCA Proposed Discipline: This link is a downloadable copy of the Wesley Covenant Association’s draft document that would replace the UM Book of Discipline for the proposed “traditionalist” Methodist denomination if a split occurs. It is a draft document meant to be perfected.