Suggested Reading Lists for 1 Million Book Effort


How do you know what books to buy for this literacy initiative of the Conference? That’s an easy question to answer if you are a parent or grandparent. It is more problematic if you do not have small children or are not familiar with the likes of small children. The key to book selection and to this program is the target age of the children. The publicity so far from the Conference indicates that the age range is Pre-K3 through 3rd grade—those students who are non-readers to the emerging and early readers. So which book to buy? Consulting a recommended book list is a great way to begin. You can find many such lists online, at your local public library, and also in the school library in the child development schools and the elementary schools in your community.

For more information and suggestions on participating in this literacy initiative, visit the 1 Million Book Effort page on this web site.