Ideas for Purchasing or Collecting Books

  • Create a district suggested reading list. Purchase or ask for donated books from this list. Collect multiple copies of books from this district suggested reading list.
  • Noisy Offering”: pass metal containers during worship service offering time. Ask congregation to contribute their change.
  • Wall of Remembrance: Ask congregation to contribute $10 in memory or in honor of a loved one, special person, group (i.e., choir, pastors, circle), or for birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, other special events. All honorees and donors listed in bulletin or newsletter or on a bulletin board.
  • Celebrate a “Book Sunday”: Ask students to stand at doors of church with book bags. As congregation leaves, they contribute to buy books. Goal could be $1 for each church member (similar to Souper Bowl Sunday collection). Money would be used to purchase books from the district suggested reading list or other recommended sources.
  • Establish a Literacy Foundation: Ask congregation to contribute as they are able. This would create an on-going literacy initiative in the local congregation to fund the purchase and distribution of books beyond Annual Conference 2014.
  • Adopt this literacy initiative as a mission project
  • Establish partnerships with local businesses, agencies, and other churches for monetary or book donations.
  • Create a literacy closet at the local church: Any books (purchased with donated funds or contributed by individuals based on suggested reading list) stored here until distributed. Make monthly update reports to congregation to keep interest high.

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