Suggestions for Distributing the Books

  • Keep books at each church; distribute in local community
  • Place a book in each book bag for churches participating in the backpack ministry of providing food to students for the weekend.
  • Use the money from the Literacy Foundation for (a) providing grants to schools and community groups to purchase books for students; (b) providing funds to allow indigent students to purchase books from school bookfairs; (c) help fund visits from authors and provide a book for each child.
  • Establish partnership with local schools to provide books to students in after-school childcare programs
  • Provide books through the Good News Clubs
  • Work with Teacher Cadet programs in local high schools to provide books to students
  • Establish partnership with college/university teacher education programs to provide books through the student teachers
  • Establish partnership with local after-school programs beyond the public school to provide books to participants
  • Establish reading groups in the local church; read and then give a book to each child present
  • Work with public library to provide books to children who participate in the story time sessions
  • Make family literacy a part of special church events; have an activity based on a book; give a copy of the book to each family that participates
  • Work with schools to volunteer mentors to read with and to struggling students. Give each child a copy of one of the books read.
  • Host district literacy events, such as a Read-In. Invite families to participate. Provide books for reading at the event. Give books to children who participate.

One thought on “Suggestions for Distributing the Books

  1. Please provide me with information on 1 million books : we are collecting books now but i need to know where and when to bring books we collect and how will they be distributed. Do we separate books in any fashion or just box them and bring to conference. There is some questions being asked me that I do not have answers. When, where how is some of the questions, Please advice me on these matters. Thanks George Robertson,Sr. Lay Leader and Lay delegate.

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