A Stewardship Intervention Counters Fundraiser Dependence

Rev. Dwayne Bruce , pastor of Beulah AME Church in SumteBruceDwayner, SC, published an article in the Lewis Center for Church Leadership on how his church changed the mindset and tradition regarding stewardship.

His thesis is a congregation’s giving pattern can be redirected from one of appeal and response to one of spiritual and covenantal stewardship when they understand how their giving expands and builds from their relationship to God.

Rev. Bruce developed a stewardship intervention that “…consisted of a series of midweek Bible studies and Sunday sermons exploring the human-Divine relationship, focused on the following topics: 1) Connection to God: Understanding the connection between God and ourselves; 2) God’s Property: Determining what belongs to God and what belongs to us; 3)Worshipping God: Cultivating an understanding of the covenantal importance of worshipping God; and 4) Giving to God: Connecting the essential element of worship with sacrificial giving.

He reports positive results both in giving and in attendance following this “intervention.”

Read the entire article here.