Greenwood District 2020 Spring Lay Servant Ministry School – Cancelled

The Greenwood District 2020 Spring Lay Servant Ministry School was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Dates and Registration information regarding the Fall 2020 Lay Servant Ministry School will announced in later summer and made available on this web page.

The same courses that were offered originally for the Spring 2020 School will be offered for the Fall 2020 School:

  • Basic Course: This course is required of all those who wish to be certified as a Local Church Lay Servant. If this is your first application to become a Lay Servant, you need to register for this course. The cost is $33 which includes the book.
  • Polity: The Method of our Mission: For those seeking to be a certified Lay Servant, this is an advanced course and the Basic course is a pre-requisite for this course. However, anyone interested in knowing more about United Methodist Polity can register for this course. If the individual’s focus changes and a decision is made to become a certified Lay Servant, then the Basic Course must be taken. Registration fee is $23.00.
  • Faith-Sharing: Introduces participants to a systematic approach to multiplying the witness of Christ Jesus by teaching the “Graceful Pattern of Faith-Sharing”.  This approach is designed to help persons become more competent and confident in sharing Christian Faith.  Registration fee is $23.00 and will be led by Rev. Susan Maddox.
  • From Your Heart to Theirs: Delivering an Effective Sermon: This is an advanced course and the Basic course is a pre-requisite. Registration fee is $23.00.
  • Aging & Ministry in the 21st Century: In addition to the practical issues of programming, Gentzler takes on more difficult topics of aging including chronic conditions, depression, and death. He also recommends that churches pay special attention to the needs of the Baby Boomer generation, since they are now becoming the older adults who will determine the church’s path for years to come.  Registration fee is $23.00.

Registration deadline for the Fall 2020 School has not yet been announced; however,  (1) No Registrations will be taken/accepted at the door; (2)  No registrations will be accepted after the deadline. All registrations must be postmarked by the announced registration deadline.

All registration information will be available here by late summer 2020.


  • All current Lay Servants should have submitted their annual report to their 2020 Charge Conference.
  • Anyone seeking to become a Lay Servant must submit his/her application to his/her pastor to be approved by the Charge Conference or Church Council. All reports and applications must be signed by the pastor and by the District Superintendent. The Lay Servant annual report and application is available online on the Greenwood District web page (
  • If you have not taken a class in 3 years or more, you are no longer a certified Lay Servant.
  • You must attend the entire Lay Servant School to receive credit for the course you select to take.
  • You must sign the attendance register at both sessions to receive credit for the course you select to take.