Giving Tuesday 2015 is December 1

#Givinggiving tuesdayTuesday is a new movement that seeks grassroots support of non-profits and worthy causes. It’s not only about refocusing holiday spending, but it is also a powerful way to raise awareness and resources for UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Missions.)

This year #GivingTuesday falls on December 1. On December 1, 2015, United Methodist will join hands to support the work of Advance projects and missionaries to transform lives on Giving Tuesday. Every gift made online through The Advance on this day will be matched up to $1 million. Donations will start matching at midnight, CST, on December 1. UMVIM Advance #901875


Collecting Information Regarding Flood Damage Assessments

Bishop Johnathan Holston is asking each church to report any flood damage to church and/or parsonage. This reporting by church will give the Conference a centralized way of collecting information regarding flood damage to churches and to parsonages. Such consolidated data will make it easier to provide assistance to those affected by the rain and flooding.

Directions for accessing the online report:
1. Go to the Conference web page (
2. Click on Church/Pastor Login
3. Enter your church’s user ID and password. Click on Login
4. When you log in successfully, your first option will be INITIAL FLOOD DAMAGE ASSESSMENT.
5. Click on that option.
6. Enter your data.

All information added by individual churches will be compiled and made accessible to each district office so that we will have a “picture” of damage throughout the district.

This is critically important for every church to complete this brief flood damage survey. There is no deadline for completion but churches are urged to enter the information as soon as the extent of damage to church buildings and parsonage is known.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Greenwood District Office.