April Issue of the Greenwood District Newsletter Is Now Available

Click on the image to the left to read or download a copy of the April issue of the Greenwood District Newsletter.

Items of interest include:

  • Annual Conference 2020
  • April District Clergy Meeting
  • Bishop’s Day in the District
  • Finding Pandemic Updates
  • Statement from Bishop Holston
  • Statement from Rev. Love
  • Transitions Retreat Update

2018 District Revival

Everyone is invited to join us our annual district revival. All services will be from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


April 8: Springdale UMC, 851 Springdale Dr., Clinton

April 15: Belvedere UMC, 202 Rhomboid Place, North Augusta

April 22: Harris UMC, 501 Oakwood Dr., Greenwood

April 29: St. John’s UMC, 513 West Church St., Batesburg

The offering received at each service will used for district mission projects.

Rev. Love will deliver the message at each service.

Pictures below are from some of the services of the 2017 District Revival.


July Issue of the Greenwood District Newsletter is now Available

July newsletter coverClick  on the image at the left to read online or to download this month’s newsletter.

Topics of interest include:

  • Invitation to the Installation Worship Service for Rev. Dr. Stephen Love, new District Superintendent for the Greenwood District
  • Bishop’s School of Ministry
  • 2016 District Set-up Meeting
  • District Ministry Team
  • Quest: Pursuing God’s Call

November Newsletter

Click here to read the November issue of the Greenwood District Newsletter.

Items of Interest include:

  • Important Dates
  • Copyright Question of the Month
  • Hunger Awareness Reporting
  • Campus Ministries
  • Clergy Orders
  • Men n Ministry Retreat

Choreographing Your Worship Service

Lovett Weems, Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., recently wrote an article entitled “When Silence Isn’t Golden.” In that article he talked about the uncomfortable silences in church services when the service is broadcast live over radio [or streamed online]. He makes the point that it takes just a few seconds of silence for the listener to change stations [or stop the live streaming]. (My editorial additions)

Weems points out to his readers that moments of unnecessary silence in a worship service are not just awkward from a broadcast perspective but also for the worshiper in the pew. He mentions just a few of the unnecessary silences that we all may experience in a worship service:

  • Pastors and staff not ready to begin one portion of the service as soon as the previous portion ended
  • Readers taking time to walk from a pew while it was already time for their reading to begin
  • Musicians taking undue time to begin their music
  • Ushers not moving until the offering invitation was concluded
  • Announcements by various people without all coming to the microphone together
  • Someone speaking without a microphone
  • The time for singing groups to move to their places and return to their seats

Years ago, a United Methodist pastor in the North Carolina Conference spent one morning each week with the church music director and the organist planning the service. Bill was a firm believer in keeping the service moving and flowing smoothly from prelude to benediction and postlude. He would “walk” through the service during these weekly planning times looking for silence or awkward moments in the service. It worked! Those of us in the congregation and on staff were appreciative of the time he took to plan and choreograph every worship service, whether it was Sunday morning or a special worship service.

The question then is how do to eliminate these unnecessary silences so that your worship service moves and flows smoothly from prelude to postlude. Weems offers some ideas for choreographing your worship services. You can read his entire article here: http://www.churchleadership.com/leadingideas/leaddocs/2015/150415_article2.html